The Heart of the Message

Quoting Earth Mother Our Womb of Life:

Make yourself small and your heart big.

Our internal, spiritual progress is shown by how much we surrender ourselves in loving humility and service to others, and to all the life of our Earth Mother and therefore, to act humbly and respectfully with love and compassion for all. We have more to learn and to become, which is best served by ‘making ourselves small’, by seeing ourselves progressing within something greater than ourselves. At the point that we realise this, humbly seeking to serve rather than be served, we naturally bow ourselves in gratitude and willing obedience to God, however we know the Great Spirit. For the greatest among us are not the wealthiest, most powerful, nor most knowledgeable, but those who lovingly give unselfishly of themselves most to our world.

Keep our eyes down to our Earth Mother and not upwards to the sky and other worlds.

We are being reminded of the holy presence within our Earth as part of a living Universe. We belong to our living Earth Mother in a deep and holy way, as our Earth and Nature carry us to where our evolution is finally completed and we are perfected. As the Great Spirit has designed it was are meant to be rooted within our Earth until completed in the Fifth World/Heaven. Until that time we are to remain within the womb of our Earth like caterpillars within their cocoons. Our hope to reach Heaven, as God has designed it in Nature, lies beneath our feet with the world given to us as our life-giving mother and home. So let us not look away from our Earth to any other places for our future hope.

The video above: The Secret of the Hidden Egg – Nohu Na’uyi’yta tells the beautiful Hopi Prophesy story of Masau’u. He lives in a cave in the centre of the Earth and one day he comes out of his cave to give the Hopi instructions and warnings about what is to come.

2 thoughts on “The Heart of the Message

  1. Thank you for your work. I recently came accross this info and what i found most interesting was the explanation why certain “inorganic beings” are so interested in humans, particularly their hormonal excretions, at this point in time, mostly adrenaline. Their ability to kind of tread water in their own space time, having split time in half, which is similar to splitting the atom, leads them to an artificial life, similar to the “death defiers” that don Juan teaches about in “The Fire Within” by Carlos Castaneda. I had some training with sorcerers in South Africa, who tried to explain this region – beyond death as well. As Reiki Master working with energy this interests me a lot. Don Juan says these death defiers are lost out there in infinity. I agree and i understand that if the natural law, is broken, as in splitting or shattering the binding force/ cohesion or Intent / spirit, devolution takes place – finally i understand what the “dark forces” are really about and why its a good idea to continue seeding light in our home, Mother Earth. Currently busy writing a book about this called Conversation with Gaia. Hope to hear from you. Joy and freedom.

  2. Thank you Marie for your comment. In reply I would like to quote Upaava from a post he wrote in a forum see here:

    “We often speak of the Earth as Mother Nature, an expression of natural laws that scientists study under various headings: biology, ecology, geology, meteorology, climatology, chemistry, etc. But the Earth is much more than any of these processes. The Earth is alive. She is a great living being who has carried us through the ages following the Great Spirit’s plan that has been progressing us toward a goal. This process and hoped for goal can ONLY be completed by remaining immovable from the Earth. You might say that you have no plans to leave the Earth, but that belief is based upon the view you have now, the understanding and choices you have now. The secrets that have been kept from you will soon, suddenly, be thrust upon everyone, and will not be presented honestly.

    Please remember my words, so when you hear about another place/time realm you will not be ensnared by sweet words and false and deceptive promises, but will trust in the Earth that has carried you so far, and for so long toward a goal that is now very near. Be stronghearted and faithful to your Mother; do not follow the crowd, follow your heart and hold fast to the Earth.

    “…Nevertheless what you have, hold fast until I come. He who overcomes, and he who keeps My deeds until the end, to him I will give authority over the nations; and I will give him the morning star…” (Revelations 2:25-26, 28)

    Umumi pam taaviningwu – may the sun always shine upon you,
    Upaava- your brother Hohongwitutiwa”

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