Purification Time: Is the Earth in Labour?

Mk’s bk pg 74-75 – Is the Earth in Labour? Evidence of Earth’s rotation slowing down.

Is the Earth in Labour? Evidence of Earth’s rotation slowing down.

In the post Purification Time – Earth Changes I give evidence of the following changes:

  • a sharp increase in number and intensity of earthquakes;
  • unexplained energy output from the Core;
  • a slowing down of the Earth’s rotation; and
  • a weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field.

I’m writing about it again because our Earth’s great geological unrest is growin! The video below shows global seismic activity for 30 days between March and April 2014. And note there were nineteen 6.0M+ earthquakes, seven 7.0M+ earthquakes and two 8.0M+ events!! This is an incredible amount of earthquakes! Please have a look at the video below for more detail.

Mk's bk pg 30-31: Weddell Sea - Earth's Yoni

The Weddell Sea – Earth’s Yoni

In the post The Weddell Sea in Antarctica: The Earth’s Yoni, I offered a lot of evidence that the deep waters of the Weddell Sea are heating up. I explain that the Weddell Sea is where the Earth’s Core will emerge. The rising heat of these water are the cause of global climactic instability.

Since writing that post last year the West Antarctic ice sheet has become even more unstable. On 12 May 2014  a news story broke from NASA – The “Unstable” West Antarctic Ice Sheet:

“The new finding that the eventual loss of a major section of West Antarctica’s ice sheet “appears unstoppable” was not completely unexpected by scientists who study this area. The study, led by glaciologist Eric Rignot at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, and the University of California, Irvine, follows decades of research and theory suggesting the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is inherently vulnerable to change.”

The video below by NASA explains the recent finding of unstable conditions in Antarctica:

This news story  Antarctic Ice threatened by undersea volcano (see pic below) from the Times 11 May 2014 is striking! It recognises great heat – volcanic heat, meaning heat being generated from the Core  – is rising from under the Antarctic ice sheet.

“Antarctica’s ice sheets may face a far more imminent threat than climate change: scientists have found a new volcano forming a mile under the ice, which is threatening a full eruption. The volcano seems to be part of a much bigger volcanic system that is generating earthquakes and releasing heat into the ice above.

The scientists believe the activity is caused by a volcanic hotspot – a giant blob of superheated rock rising from deep within the Earth. It could mean the area is a rift zone, where the Earth’s tectonic plates are pulling apart…

There are six giant glaciers in West Antarctica, with evidence suggesting they are all flowing much faster than in the past, releasing 77% more water a year than in 1973. The causes are not understood but scientists say climate change is a likely factor.”

The Times 11 May 2014 - Antarctic ice threatened by undersea volcano

The Times 11 May 2014 – Antarctic ice threatened by undersea volcano

Quoting from Earth Mother Our Womb of Life (and the clue is in the title):

Our Earth Mother is now in labor. The increasingly severe weather and geological disturbances are more than what most scientists believe; they are birth pangs originating from deep within the heart of the Earth. The Earth is laboring to birth what some native peoples have referred to as Her Egg (Her Core), which will emerge from the Earth’s birth canal in an Antarctic sea.

Mikes bk pg 75

“I think people have become very jaded and desensitized to news about earthquakes, to the point that anything under 8 is regarded as inconsequential.” (post in ATS Forum)


4 Steps to Evolution

Mk's bk pg 40

The Southwest Pueblo sunflower sand painting represents our solar system. (I coloured it in before I knew there are specific colours for each orbit. I’m sorry but the colours are wrong.)

According to a process unfolding in Nature, known to some as “The Sacred Path or Pattern of Migration,” our Earth has been progressively evolving life, stage-by-stage, from our Solar System’s most outlying orbit to where we are now, one step from the loftiest place of our system – the Morning Star-Fifth World. Our Earth has long been carrying us as we have evolved from our earliest stages of life, to our present Homo sapien forms. But this is not our final form, which is received at the end of the Earth’s journey through our solar system toward the sun.

Wooden gear clock

Wooden gear clock

The book, Earth Mother Our Womb of Life, tells the story of the Sacred Path of Migration – the Hopi explanation for how our Earth Mother creates  and develops life. It’s a wonderful and inspiring description for two reasons.

First it explains evolution as a natural process – a progressive system of development. This is not just a philosophical idea, but a step-by-step instruction as to how it works, like explaining how the gears on a clock work.

Which leads me to the second reason why the story is so amazing: it offers hope for our future – scientific, rational hope!

At its heart, its a very simple 4 step procedure (though the book does not divide it into 4 steps) but it’s simplicity belies its vast explanatory powers – 4 steps to explain the creation and development of our Solar System and all life in it!

As the book says:

Perhaps the greatest difference between native religions and others, is this: we believe in God and evolution. We believe God’s greatest work is through evolution. God is the Divine Artist, evolution is the divine art; we are His clay; death is His kiln.

Creation and Evolution are best seen as one process – one wonderful, measurable and reliable system in Nature – like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

Everything I’m going to write is known in science and I’ll give you the links. All of the pieces of the puzzle are there – this explanation puts them together.

I had intended to write the 4 steps in one post. After all they are very simple. The difficulty is not the 4 steps themselves, but overcoming our current beliefs. As the book says:

After being raised within a particular worldview, it is difficult to step out of it, seeing the world in an entirely new light; one in which the Earth is a great living being filled with the life, consciousness, and power of God, from whom we are given life and all we possess; one where the Earth has been carrying us through the ages, evolving us from stage-to-stage toward a perfected form in the heavenly orbit of the Morning Star. But this understanding is what we need to safely travel through this Purification Time.

When approaching new and different knowledge, it is best to keep our minds open, as we did as children, permitting new information to find its rightful place in our minds and hearts. We are being asked, “who has ears to hear?”

So with that in mind, for the next few posts, I present:

Creation & Evolution in 4 Easy Steps

Ouroboros drawing from a late medieval Byzantine Greek alchemical manuscript (1478)

Ouroboros drawing from a late medieval Byzantine Greek alchemical manuscript (1478)

A solar system is self-propagating: it is produced by the sun, then consumed by the sun, and reproduced by the sun. This pattern perpetuates infinitely. The Egyptian symbol of the snake consuming its own tail was intended to illustrate the self-propagating nature of a solar system. Integral to this system is the evolution of species from raw material into their final form.

The first step is creating a Solar System. Without a solar system there is nothing – without a Sun and the the planets rotating around it, there is no environment and energy for life. So how did it all begin?

in the beginning

Earth Mother Our Womb of Life: Chapter 1

In 2008 (or 2009) I found the book: Earth Mother Our Womb of Life. But I first heard this wonderful and holy explanation many many years ago (1985-86) while I was living in Hong Kong. Finding the book re-inspired my love for the Earth and Nature and also made me feel it was time to share the story I heard so long ago.

Because the explanation is so different from what is currently proposed in science, I decided to comb through research papers and articles to see how much of this story known. I was amazed at the amount of evidence that we’ve discovered! But like many new ideas, when I tried to share them with the scientific community (in correspondence, at  conferences and one on one) they fell on stony ground – unheard, uninterested, like talking into a hurricane – no one listened. Perhaps it was the way I told it, perhaps it was the people I told – I don’t know. But I have to assume it is my poor presentation and then improve it.

A couple of months ago I started writing a book for my husband, in case anything should happen to me. An important inclusion are extracts from the book: Earth Mother Our Womb of Life – in fact, it was in putting together Mike’s book that I decided to do this blog: to provide the scientific evidence and argument for the book.

Mike’s book is hand written – except for magazine and book cut-outs along with buttons and bows. I’ve decided to include some images from Mike’s book here – starting with “Chapter 1 Sacred Truths Preserved By Native Peoples” from Earth Mother Our Womb of Life. Please click on the pics to enlarge them and and read the text. It’s wonderful! And I hope my illustrations improve your enjoyment.

The first few pages were taken from the first edition of the book – the copy that I have.



IMG_0890Where you see my handwriting is the point that I change from the first edition to the second edition.