This blog is dedicated to the book Earth Mother Our Womb of Life: and the Coming New Heaven. I love the book, I love the message. It tells us that life and evolution are processes within Nature. Whatever your religious beliefs, or if you believe in no God – it gives reason for faith in our Mother Earth and faith in our future, Nature and the goodness of the Universe, faith in purpose for life, faith that the best is yet to come, faith on which you can hang a mathematical equation.

Tutskwa I’qatsi – Land and Life are One

Tutskwa I’qatsi – Land and Life are One

The extract below summarises the story best:

The knowledge being returned to us concerns the holy nature of our Mother Earth and our vital connections to Her; life’s purposeful design in Nature, including the coming renewal of our Earth; and the covenant we have with the Great Spirit to remain on the Earth within Nature’s plan to its completion. This original knowledge has been retained to present day by the higher religious orders of some indigenous peoples, and others initiated in it around the world. But, more accurately, this information is being sent to us now by our Earth Mother, a great living being within whom we are deeply rooted who deserves our loving gratitude for all She provides to us: our food, clothing, shelter, and the spirit of life itself, indeed everything we have! This perception of our Earth may seem strange to those raised in the modern Western World. But upon deeper reflection they may find that recognizing the Earth as a living entity – and thus our mother in the fullest sense of the word – answers many questions within them they have been searching to find. Our Earth is now on the cusp of great changes, the final step up the ladder of our evolutionary development within the Great Spirit’s universal plan. This meaningful time for our world is when knowledge of our Earth and our deep relationship to Her, as well as the evolutionary process carrying us within our Solar System, are returned to everyone to help prepare us for the choices we will soon face.

IMG_1440My contribution is the science. I believe the explanation is true so throughout this blog I’ll investigate the evidence. It’s a document of my journey of discovery. I’m sharing it because it is important and can help others.

I first heard this wonderful story about 30 years ago, long before Earth Mother Our Womb of Life was published. I’m supporting Earth Mother Our Womb of Life because the words are wise and beautiful. The book will give you hope, understanding and comfort. As it gives me. I’ve included a free pdf of the book in the upper right corner of this blog.

Mike's book coverMany of the posts include images from a scrapbook I’m making for my husband. I love him and in case anything should happen to me, I want to be sure he knows the explanation that was told to me. Making Mike’s book gave me the idea of doing this blog.

This blog, like Earth Mother Our Womb of Life is offered with an open hand. I’m not trying to change your religious beliefs. Your faith is your own. Your business. This story is about Nature. It says we are part of a living system. My job is to show you how the system works, show you the gears, the mechanisms that propel life and evolution. Give you the tools to make your own informed choice should the predictions come true.

With Love and Peace,
Vanessa Plain

Nature is systems

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