The Core: Earth’s Sacred Heart


After centuries of revising canonical books, nearly every trace of Earth Mother and her Immaculate Heart have been removed from Christian literature, but to the scholarly and discerning eye the Divine Earth and her Immaculate Core/Heart are very present. Gnostic scriptures cast off the revised canon and reverted to the older texts. Accordingly, Eve-Earth Mother not only created Adam-Core Son, but Adam was the very soul within his mother. Some Gnostic texts reverse this order and say that Eve-The Virgin is the soul within Adam-The Father. Either way they understood the concept of a God within a God, that is, the Heart of the Earth within the Mother…..

Earth Mother Our Womb of Life says the Earth’s Core is the life force of the planet – that which makes our hearts beat and seeds grow.  The book stresses the importance of the Core, calling it “God within God”, “Sacred Heart”, “the Hidden God” amongst other names, but does not give a material (scientific) explanation of how this is so.

I hope the author doesn’t mind if I explain how it works. As I’ve written before, I was taught this explanation many years ago in the mid-1980s in Hong Kong. I didn’t learn it as a Hopi story – but the content of the story is the same and I don’t have a publication from the 1980s to show you. So I am supporting this wonderful book – not only does it tell the story brilliantly but it offers so much love, wisdom and support. I am deeply grateful to have found it.

But it is missing the explanation of the movement of the Earth’s Core that I was taught long ago:


Rub your hands together, do you feel them warming up? This is because of friction. Friction creates heat and energy. In the centre of the Earth an iron ball the size of the moon is spinning in the opposite direction to the mantle creating great friction at the interface.

Rotation of the Earth and Core. Image from of Earth's Core at

The core rotates in the opposite direction to the mantle creating heat and energy through friction. Image from Earth’s Core at

The heat created by the friction of the opposing rotations of the Core and Mantle causes rock to melt and creates magma – 1400 miles deep – surrounding the solid Core.

Friction also causes a build up of pressure which is continually released through the numerous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that occur everyday around the globe.

IMG_0951 - Copy

The heat generated at the Core of the Earth rises through the planet and acts as an incubator for the development of life on the planet. And the rising energy provides electromagnetic stimulation causing seeds to grow and our hearts to beat.

The concept of a God within a God describes how our Earth provides the material, the body (the chemicals required in the biology of life) and our Core provides the energy to animate the biology. The actions of both together – the Earth Mother and Her Sacred Heart/Core – create and sustain life. 

Below I’ve listed some of the scientific research that shows the Earth’s Core rotating in the opposite direction to the mantle.

Opposing Core Rotation = Life

IMG_0943 - Copy

First I should clarify what is meant by the ‘Core’ of the Earth. Many scientific papers differentiate between the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ Core – this can get confusing. I take the same position as described in Earth Mother Our Womb of Life:

The magma surrounding the Core was named the ‘core’ before science became aware of the solid ball contained within the magma. Rather than renaming the magma or just calling it ‘the surrounding magma’, they named the actual solid core the ‘inner core’ and left the name ‘core’ for the thick molten metal and rock that swishes around the core. When I refer to the ‘Core’ I always mean the solid inner core.

Until 1996 scientists thought that the Earth was one entity, one unit, one ball spinning in space – but then seismologists at Columbia University, Xiaodong Song and Paul Richards, found that the Earth’s Core and mantle acted like two distinct bodies – one inside the other.

Jeffig2rThey discovered this by comparing seismic waves from different of earthquakes (between 1967 to 1995) that hit in the South Sandwich Islands (South Atlantic), then traveled through the Earth and the Core before being recorded in Alaska (see pic on left). They found that the waves traveled identical routes with identical times until they reached the Core and then the waves diverged! From this they concluded that the Core rotates 1º faster.

A fabulous article entitled: Inner Core Rotation” (2006) written by Richards (and Li) discusses the original findings and gives a synopsis of the first 10 years of Core rotation research.

From Richards:

An example of seismic wave comparison from Richards and Li (2006)

Once Song and Richards identified the Core’s ‘superroation’, many other researchers got interested, got working and surprisingly came up with different results. Wei-jia Su, Adam M. Dziewonski and Raymond Jeanloz published Planet Within a Planet: Rotation of the Inner Core of the Earth (1996) in which they investigated a larger sample of earthquakes over 29 years and found that the Core rotates 3º faster.

One year later in 1997 Kenneth Creager claimed the numbers were far too high – the Core only rotates 0.2~0.3º faster.

So why did the studies conclude different times?

In 1998 Sharrock and Woodhouse from Oxford University wanted to find out. They ran the 3 studies through their own computer program to find out what would be the best explanation and the results were surprising – the Core rotating in the opposite direction was the best explanation!

“The data do not support a positive (i.e. West-to-East rotation) [the Earth rotates west to east], rather the inferred rotational component of the time-dependent inner core structure is negative (i.e. East-to-West).”

paper by Sharrock and Woodhouse

Mk’s bk pg66-67: Sharrock and Woodhouse’s original paper:

Sharrock and Woodhouse identify westward core rotation, but then dismiss it as “not well explained.”
Perhaps they mean not expected!

Sharrock and Woodhouse were the first to identify opposing (westward) Core rotation – but not the last. In a 1999 article in Nature magazine Gabi Laske & Guy Masters noted the same phenomenon. Quoting from the figure below (taken from their article):

“Provided that our mantle correction is accurate, this comparison implies a westward inner-core rotation of 0.3º per year.”

That is the same degree of rotation that Creager identified in his paper, but this time the Core is found to be rotating westward! (see figure below)

laske and master 1999

“Provided that our mantle correction is accurate, this comparison implies a westward inner-core rotation of 0.3º per year.” From

Studies on Core rotation show both east and west movement – sometimes in the same study! In a 2012 titled: The Shuffling Rotation of the Earth’s Inner Core Revealed by Earthquake Doublets by Hrvoje Tkalčić, Mallory Young, Thomas Bodin, Silvie Ngo & Malcolm Sambridge,  24 earthquakes doublets were compared (once again recorded in Alaska), but this time superrotation was found in both directions – the blue indicates eastward (called prograde) and the red indicates westward (called retrograde) rotation (as seen in the graph below):

Blue areas indicate eastward rotation whereas red areas indicate westward rotation, from: “The Shuffling Rotation of the Earth’s Inner Core Revealed by Earthquake Doublets” (2012)

Blue areas indicate eastward rotation whereas red areas indicate westward rotation, from: “The Shuffling Rotation of the Earth’s Inner Core Revealed by Earthquake Doublets” (2012)

The researchers averaged out the times and settled on eastward rotation at “an average differential rotation rate of 0.25–0.48° yr−1″. But their decision overlooks the fact that they found the Core rotating in both directions!

In my research I found scientific studies that indicate both east and westward rotation of the Core – and the speed of rotation differs as well from study to study. The evidence for opposing rotation exists and compels scientific consideration. Especially because of its implications! At the moment, scientists view the Core as a dead weight in an ocean of magma – any movement of the Core is caused by movement in the magma (physical and/or magnetic). However, if the Core is spinning in the opposite direction – then it becomes an engine, a generator of heat, electricity and magnetism and (importantly) in a consistent and constant manner – exactly what is required for life.

The explanation I was taught long ago and the book, Earth Mother Our Womb of Life, say the Earth is a living being – our mother in the fullest sense of the word, and Her Core, Her Sacred Heart is the life force of the Earth: that which makes our hearts beat and seeds grow.

Amen-Ra, Egyptian God

Egyptian God, Amon-Ra- the Hidden One

Quoting from Earth Mother Our Womb of Life:

There is one “Hidden One” and He goes by many names. We invoke Him by his Egyptian name when we pray. We do this because Moses, when he taught us how to worship in the desert, addressed God by the name he knew – Amon, the Hidden One, hidden in the womb of our Mother Earth. With a little research the most devout Christian and Jew will discover that the name they invoke to this day at the end of their prayers is that of Amen-Amon, the Hidden God of the Egyptians, the Hidden God of the Christians, the Sacred Core-Heart of our Mother Earth.

The center of the Earth is the cave wherein dwells (the masculine) God, who is the Core-Heart of our Mother Earth (feminine). With this understanding, when we start a prayer we can do so with knowledge that whether we say God, Jehovah, Shiva, Allah, or Amen our prayers are received by our Father who is the Heart of our Earth Mother.

Mk's bk pg 54-55 - Father Core

Father Core


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